As a workshop facilitator I strongly believe in the principles and exercises of the Google Design Sprint 🇬🇧 and use them in every workshop I design and facilitate. When workshopping I always aim to avoid endless discussions and make sure we work 100% co-creatively. This causes full alignment of every participant and contributes in making decisions as a group. And now that I also offer them remotely you will see that remote workshopping is very constructive and relatively simple. The future is now. 🚀

Since ’time’ is always a determining factor in the world of creatives, I have designed my workshops based on time slots. Pick your favorite 👇🏻

All our workshop can be delivered online. 

Mini Design Sprint

  • ⏱ Full day (2x 3 hours)
  • 🙌🏻 Get alignment of your entire team
  • 🎯 Find the right focus for your challenge
  • 💡 Get inspired by participating in multiple creative ideation excersizes
  • 🎒 End with a big bag full of solutions tested on impact & effort

Problem Framing Workshop

  • ⏱ Full day (2x 3 hours)
  • 🙌🏻 Create maximum alignment of your entire team
  • 🖼️ Contextualize the problem and find the right focus for your challenge
  • ⚖️ Justify the business need and align on the core strategy to follow
  • 🤼 Understand the customer by interacting with research insights and mapping their journey
  • 🤝 Find the opportunity and togetherly decide to pursue

Brand Sprint

A brand sprint is an expressive exercise that helps to turn ideas about your brand into a defined brand image. A brand sprint can help your company find its place in the competitive landscape.

  • ⏱ Full day (2x 3 hours)
  • 🙌🏻 Create maximum alignment of your entire team
  • 🚗 Come up with a 20-Year Roadmap ****that helps you think long-term
  • ❓ State your What, How and Why to remind you why your company exists.
  • ❤️ Define your top 3 Values ****that makes your why more specific.
  • 🗣️ Pick your top 3 audiences ****that helps you prioritize the target for your brand
  • 💈 Play with your own personality sliders to defines the attitude and style of your brand
  • ⛰️ Have a close look on your competitive Landscape to compare your brand to other companies

Design Sprint

  • ⏱ 4 full days (morning + afternoon)
  • 🙌 You will motivate and engage your team right from the start
  • ❤️ Because we sprint together, we’ll develop a concept coming from the heart of your organisation.
  • 📉 Because we verify certain assumptions about, for example, user needs and usability early in the process with a test among real users, we minimize the investment risk.
  • 🎯 We avoid procrastination by using complete and utter focus to find concrete solutions in a limited time. This way, we might solve a problem that you’ve been struggling with for years.
  • 🚀 We translate abstract strategy into a tangible prototype. This enables you to report to stakeholders with clear and convincing information and it creates a clear vision of your own work or organisation.

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