Face to Face

  • The best option for LEGO® Serious Play® workshops
  • Large selection of LEGO blocks for up to 30 people (ideal group size 6-10 people)
  • At your premises or another venue – we are happy to organise
  • Requires a meeting room or board room with 1 large table per 4-6 participants

Face to Face COVID-Safe

  • As per ‘Face to Face’, but with additional measures to make the meeting COVID-Safe
  • Each participant receives individual selection of LEGO elements to use
    Shared and landscape builds are facilitated for the group – participants only ever touch their own LEGO


  • Zoom meeting hosted by Convivial Ideas or via your corporate conferencing platform
  • Each participant is mailed LEGO elements prior to the workshop
  • Optionally, participants may provide their own LEGO or alternative construction elements
  • Group builds guided by the facilitator on a shared stage