I’m a Business Growth Designer

I consult companies in building and growing their business. Using business design methods I help companies to find and build new business opportunities, new business models and new revenue models in order to grow and build a sustainable business.

It’s all about thinking out of the box, design a business and prototype it.

What is Business Design?

Business design is a new approach to innovation that concentrates on human. The main goal of business design is to help organizations to create new values that will touch their customers lives. At its core, Business Design brings together customer empathy, experience and choice design and business strategy.

What do I do?

Business Model Design

Business Model Design is about prototyping new ways of getting clients, create new products or run your business in a new way to create a sustainable company.

Revenue Model Design

Revenue Model Design is all about finding new ways of making money with your products or services.


Pricing is not easy. What’s the price your customers want to pay for your product or service. Are your prices lower or higher that your competition? How can you raise your price without losing clients?

Case studies

Find here some case studies from companies I supported with their business growth

How a real estate service agence doubled the revenue in 3 months

A real estate service agency doubled the revenue in 3 months and grew from 1 freelancer to 4 freelancers.

How a software supplier changed the price and raised their profit margin

Review of the pricing, different pricing strategies to stand out from the competitions and raise the profit margin.


Design Your Business

A 3 month coaching and consulting path for people who want to build their own business.

Redesign Your Business

A 6-month coaching path for people who want to bring their business to the next level. Do you notice a slow-down in your sales? Do you want to explore new business opportunities?